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MS Gallery − Sonia

“We must make everyone understand how this disease works, how it affects us and learn to ask for help.”


Age: 23
Hometown: Toledo, Spain
Onset of symptoms: 2003
First symptom experienced: Vision loss
Diagnosed: 2004
Started treatment: 2005

Like any 19 year-old, Sonia was preoccupied with her university finals, hanging out with friends and her future. She never expected to be diagnosed with a chronic disease.

But when she started having trouble seeing, she went to her doctor. Within six months, a specialist diagnosed her with MS. By this time, unfortunately, Sonia had already lost 50 percent of the vision in her left eye. “When I heard that I had MS, I didn’t know what that meant for me. I imagined myself in a wheelchair. I was scared.”

After reading as much as she could about the disease, Sonia realized that many people with MS live normal lives. “I discussed it with my family and they were very supportive. That was important to me. I also realized that I would have to take care of myself and manage my disease as much a possible.”

Doctors advised Sonia to begin treatment to delay the progression of her MS. “The ongoing treatment has had a positive influence on my life. I feel well and my outbreaks appear to be further apart.”

Sonia stresses that other people with MS should take time to first learn about MS and how it affects them, before assuming the worst. “I want to help people to better understand MS and to know how important treatment can be.”

Today, she feels independent and optimistic about her future. “In the future, I see myself as I am now.”